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          2. About Us


            Shanxi Qixing Chemical Technology Co., LTD.  is high-tech enterprise specializing mineral elements and other functional fertilizer. We have superior production environment,advanced equipment, first class technology. Never imitate, independent innovation, beyond ourselves.It is committed to repairing the soil microbial environment and providing efficient and safe fertilizers for crops.

            We are a high-tech enterprise based on research and development, sales and service, mainly product is NPK, bulk blending fertilizer, calcium nitrate , magnesium nitrate, water soluble fertilizers containing calcium and magnesium,  We adhere to the principle of customer-centric,quality as life, credibility as survival, to provide our customers with best quality service. 

            Mr. Lu with all the staff through 40 years of plant nutrition research road, thank all of customers in domestic and abroad for your long-term support, sincerely welcome you to visit our company guidance.

            Copyright (C) 2023,Shanxi Qixing Chemical Technology Co., LTD. All Rights Reserved.Supported by ChemNet ChinaChemNet Toocle 31fabu Copyright Notice

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